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About The NWI Comic-Con

My name is Brian Grabinski and I am the founder and Showrunner of the Northwest Indiana Comic-Con (aka; NWICC). I’ve personally been attending comic book conventions for over 30 years. I’m a big nerd and I’m not afraid admit it.


My passion for comics, art, and pop-culture has been showcased for the past six years at every NWICC I have hosted.


My love for the comic culture and everything related has also influenced a lot of my family and friends. All three of my kids and a handful of fantastic friends pitch in and help out every year.


I would also like to mention that even though I may be the face of the NWICC my wife Kelly Grabinski does a ton of work behind the scenes. Without her continued help and support the NWICC never would have evolved into the fan-favorite event it’s become today.


So if you attend our next show, see us at a local comic shop, coffee house or at another comic book convention - never hesitate to say hi! We look forward to meeting you.


Stay nerdy my friends,

-Brian Grabinski

Founder / Showrunner NWI Comic-Con LLC.


Founder / Showrunner

Event Coordinator / CFO

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